A downloadable game for Windows

Carroneath is a work in progress that began as a PROCJAM 2019 project. I only managed to get through a small amount of the ideas I had for this game during the jam, so I'm releasing it as-is and intend to continue updating it in the future. For now, it's pretty much an ambient exploration experience where you can do some gardening.


  • Mouse look, WASD/Arrows move
  • Space to jump
  • Hold shift to sprint
  • Left click to interact
  • Right click to plant seed (if you have one)
  • Mouse wheel to cycle through your seeds


Carroneath_v0.1.zip 28 MB


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Interesting presentation and atmosphere.  I would like to see more of this.

oh dang, for as simple little concept as this is, the idea and atmosphere is superb. genuinely hope to see more to this someday!

Wow, love the idea

This is incredible, can't wait to see what happens with this in the future!


beautiful atmosphere! Liked the concept and its cool that the level is procgen. Looking forward to watching this concept unfold!

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Neat mechanics and a captivating atmosphere. This concept has a lot of potential.


Great game! Even though it's so simple I still spent over an hour playing. I tried to plant woodladder on slopes to make it grow at an angle and then I realized that mea's tangle can also be climbed. Great sound design, particularly when falling. While planting grass on rocks I thought that someone else was running around, because the game played a few step sounds even when I moved just an inch. That scared me, I thought that the game spawned an AI or something that was following me.

Nice garden! I'll fix that footstep issue in the next update :)


I'm very impressed! When I spawned on a wooden platform, my first thought was, "What if I jump off?" You planned for that.  With only two "tilesets", you made at least four layers of environment. That's elegant! 

I like how completing one plant throws sprouts out nearby, letting me expand the ground cover in whatever pattern I desire.  Woodladder is a great navigation tool & 'get out of pit free' card. I used templetorch to mark my woodladders, since from far away, it's hard to tell them from the unclimbable support columns of the wooden platforms.


With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!


very good game, but very bare bones if there was more areas and more incentive to plant then i feel this game would be really good.